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Vitality’s IV infusions deliver essential hydration, nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids to your body at the cellular level. No matter your age, profession, or lifestyle, IV infusion therapy can boost your overall sense of well-being and bring harmony to mind, body, and spirit.


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Vitamin Boosters & Minis

Are you looking to boost your metabolism, enhance peak performance, and improve your overall quality of life? Vitality’s vitamin boosters deliver high-powered nutrients via an injection into your arm, leg, or buttocks. These powerful injections help rejuvenate your body within seconds.


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Ozone and UVBI

Just as ozone purifies the air we breathe, it also serves as a detoxifier for our bodies. Vitality’s IV ozone therapy strengthens the immune system and increases the production of disease-fighting compounds. Best of all, IV ozone therapy can be combined with any other IV treatment.


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"The BioMed Center and Vitality IV offer a goldmine of outstanding healing practitioners and state of the art healing devices. The BioMed Center offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to true health and wellness."

– Muffy O.

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