Annie is unable to admit the girl love for cheeseburgers considering the derision due to Eren into the orifice ceremony

Annie is unable to admit the girl love for cheeseburgers considering the derision due to Eren into the orifice ceremony

Annie features blue eyes and keeps the woman blonde hair tied in a bun by and large, wearing her bangs over her right eye. Usually she’s a cold and unemotional see on her behalf face, no matter what this lady feeling.

Without the blazer, she wears exactly the same uniform as every female fictional character in the show, with a bluish bow, white clothing, and bluish dress. But she additionally wears a sweater vest with this specific and white interior shoes with white socks.

During the dodgeball game, Annie is proved to be dressed in dark blue tracksuit together given title in the top of it. Just like the rest of this lady team, she’s also wearing a yellow ribbon within her hair. [1] Later, Annie alters this lady apparel through the activities Day, in which she is putting on a cheerleading uniform. [2] Annie alters the woman apparel once again during the summer festival. For this occasion, she’s wearing lighting violet yukata with green and yellowish sectors about it. [3]


Annie try distant around people and somewhat bashful when found with unfamiliar situations. This woman is peaceful with a difficult outside; but she can soften up on events to particular men and women and things.

The woman is ashamed to declare that she in addition likes cheeseburgers which is Eren Jaeger’s best lunch, too. But when Eren apologizes, Annie softens right up, a great deal to Mikasa Ackermann’s soreness. Sooner during the attacks, the woman is uncovered getting a Titan presenter.


Annie present by herself about first day of class, declaring that she originated wall surface Maria South Elementary college. Afterward, she additionally the people are called to the courtyard when it comes to orifice ceremony. [4]

Within her wrath, she threatens to conquer Eren for the tournament of dodgeball the very next day. Annie gets involved within her college dodgeball competition. This lady group is on an absolute move until these are generally faced with Eren’s group. Mikasa ultimately ends up keeping Eren by getting and throwing back Annie’s testicle, and Annie do similar. As Eren requires this lady about the lady grudge against your, Annie admits about liking exactly the same lunch while he performed. Eren apologizes and both being friends. Towards the end associated with game, Annie’s employees loses the complement because Conny Springer’s throws a ball at her which she forgets to dodge. Later, Annie joins Eren, Mikasa, and Armin for lunch. She offers Eren a cheeseburger steak after he drops his on the floor. [1]

Annie is seen with Hitch Dreyse, Boris Feulner and Marlo Freudenberg as they attend a gathering regarding club. [5]

After Jean Kirschtein obtains an admiration page, an uneased Annie wishes to chat to him. But Mikasa got here besides, therefore, the two girls began a cold debate. Jean, presuming these were combat for your, made an effort to divide all of them however in impulse the two women struck him. In the act, Annie lets down a letter much like the one Jean had gotten past. She strikes your once again, gets the woman page as well as avoids eye contact with Jean throughout a single day. Following end of classes, she sets another page in Jean’s locker it is identified by the woman class mates and operates aside. After creating take a look at letter, Jean works toward park and Annie seems, inquiring Eren and other people’ suggestions about that page. Subsequently, she satisfies Jean during the playground. Frustrated by Jean, who was simply nonetheless assuming she had thinking for your, Annie strikes him before detailing she blogged the characters for a friend of the girl. Annie subsequently s. A Titan then looks and Annie describes to the woman astonished friends that she learned Titan code. She after that clarifies how performed the Peering Titan satisfied Jean. Annie includes that Peering Titan is very bashful and would like Jean to go completely along with her. After Jean denied the woman therefore the Peering Titan went out, Annie reports that the girl pal mentioned she would not call it quits. [6]

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