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The new TNC produces songs playing with PWM (pulse-thickness modulation)

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The new TNC produces songs playing with PWM (pulse-thickness modulation)

Plug the 100nF capacitor with the elizabeth:30 (3.5mm Ring 2) and you will f:29, moving the midst of the panel. Plug the latest 100KOhm resistor regarding g:29 so you’re able to g:twenty-five. Hook an effective 10KOhm resistor of j:25 to your bad train (Ground). Upcoming manage a cable out-of we:26 in order to we:seven (Arduino D6).

Songs Enter in

Connect the fresh new 10nF capacitor towards e:twenty-seven (3.5mm Tip) and you will f:twenty seven, moving the middle of the new panel once we did to your musical yields. On leftover a few resistors, connect one to into j:27 therefore the negative rail (Ground), and other into we:twenty-seven and confident railway (5V). Be careful not to small the new resistors. Run a wire out of h:twenty-seven so you’re able to a:4 (Arduino A0).

In case you are thinking, the two from resistors are there to add a 2.5V DC counterbalance towards sounds laws. This will be called for because the audio laws will come in around +/-1V. The newest ADC toward Arduino are only able to handle enter in voltages between 0-5V. Read More