For Referring Physicians

We’re honored to partner with you and provide your patients with cutting edge technology and whole-body, individualized medicine. Whether you’re looking for an IV drip hydration service for your patient or want to utilize the services in our multidisciplinary facility, the BioMed Center New England, we’ve got you covered.

Patient Referrals

We look forward to expanding our network of collaborating providers and referrals are one of the most important ways we introduce new patients to the life-changing treatments bioregulatory medicine provides. Your trust and faith in us are greatly appreciated. We’re committed to working with you throughout the process and helping to accelerate the healing process for your patient.

Enhance and Compliment Your Offerings

The services we provide aren’t limited to Vitality IV. At the BioMed Center New England, we can partner with you to enhance your patient’s experience and health. We offer a variety of medical assessments and therapeutics, including:

  • Specialty lab work and interpretation
  • Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping
  • Hormone testing and analysis
  • Ozone & UVB
  • Supplements
  • And much more!

Our On-Site Compounding Pharmacy

Vitality IV recently underwent a massive facility renovation to meet the rigorous standards of USP 797 compliance. In addition to the facility renovations, Vitality IV’s compounding pharmacy meets the industry standard expected from hospitals and independent pharmacies.

As a USP 797 compliant facility, Vitality IV maintains rigorous standards in the following areas:

  • Facility and cleanroom standards
  • Environmental and engineering controls
  • Environmental testing
  • Training and competency testing for all employees and staff members
  • Standard operating procedures and documentation
  • Quality assurance
  • Patient monitoring and adverse event reporting
  • Storage and dating

To refer your patient or discuss what you’re looking for, contact us at (401) 583-5364.

The BioMed Center New England
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To learn more about Vitality IV, schedule a consultation with our team. We’re proud to serve local residents as well as health-conscious individuals across the country. Contact us online anytime for more information.


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