Does it ever seem like weight loss ads are everywhere? Is a natural approach like ozone treatment preferable to diet pills? What is the best way to lose weight? 

The weight loss industry is booming. It’s worth $72 billion and continues to grow. (For contrast, the New York Yankees are worth $5 billion.) Unfortunately, 95% of diets fail. What’s the solution to long-term weight loss?

Ozone treatment is one possible support. It helps people stick to their weight loss goals by energizing the brain. Clearing and renewing the brain allows the body to regenerate tissue and eliminate dead cells. We’ll talk more about ozone treatment below.

Alternative Therapies 

There are dozens of fad diets with strange menus. Eat nothing but orange for a week! Cashew butter is the only way to lose weight! Some fad diets require skipping meat, while others want people to eat nothing but meat. It’s confusing and worrisome, but there are natural solutions. 

  • Intermittent fasting

When people overeat, they stress their digestive systems. The body needs time to digest food, clear out old cells, and repair tissue damage. When it’s always working overtime to digest food, the other functions suffer. 

Intermittent fasting allows people to eat whatever they want, as long as they go for a certain number of hours without eating every day. An 18-6 fasting schedule would require six hours of fasting, preferably at night. This allows the body to rest and renew, speeding up weight loss.

  • Low-impact exercise 

Lifting weights is not for everyone, but there are dozens of low-impact exercises that support weight loss. Dancing, bowling, and roller skating are all possibilities, as are walking and stretching. 

Ideally, exercise should be fun. People who are too shy to go to the gym can take yoga classes at home, using resistance bands for more of a workout. If all else fails, guided meditation can boost self-control when it comes to food. 

  • IV Ozone treatment

If you’d like to learn more about alternative medicine, IV Ozone treatment is a great introduction. This gentle therapy takes place in a sterile environment in about one hour’s time. It infuses the body with ozone, increasing blood oxygen and generating antiviral responses. 

Ozone treatment can help dieters with inflammatory diseases like:

  • Lupus
  • Diabetes
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Look for a facility that is USP 797 Certified and has a team of registered nurses. Cleanliness and customer service should always be top-notch. 

Why Diets Don’t Always Work

The real reason that so many diets are unsuccessful is the level of commitment that they require. Some people can stop eating sugar and lose 80 pounds, but the rest of us have to work at it. 

Working out takes time, money, and effort. Dieters may be more than willing to join a gym, but what happens when it’s cold outside or they feel depressed? Having a workout buddy could help people stick to their workout schedules. 

Dieting is a mental game. It’s about creating a new future as you go. Changes in self-esteem, confidence, and inner strength are to be expected. 

Need a Quick Boost? IV Infusions in Downtown Providence, RI

Our treatment facility is a calming oasis for our patients, allowing them to find relaxation and healing. The team here at Vitality IV is proud to follow the highest standards of quality assurance and cleanliness. 

Our registered nurses deliver IV treatments in a sterile environment. They recommend that patients dress comfortably and hydrate before the IV therapy session. 

If you’re new to holistic medicine, an IV drip is a good place to start. The benefits of treatment can extend up to two weeks, and most patients feel refreshed and energized right away. Give us a call at (401) 443-4007 to schedule your initial consultation.

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