She next says you to definitely she’s got to go out of, and you can reveals the newest doorways to Ezra’s place before you leave

She next says you to definitely she’s got to go out of, and you can reveals the newest doorways to Ezra’s place before you leave

Mary says you to definitely Toby’s crazy about Spencer, perhaps not the woman, that triggers Alex in order to angrily scream you to she’s Spencer now

Back to the current, Alex says that Charlotte never came back to help you London area, in addition to the next time she saw her is when she was visiting Charlotte’s grave. The woman is seen once again from the barn walking as much as a horse, Timid, and you will tries to put a saddle to your your. This new pony rears, once you understand Alex actually Spencer. Toby runs into the brand new pen and you will settles the latest horse and you will requires “Spencer” if the woman is ok. Alex reacts one to this woman is, plus the ideal thing to do in the event that pony gets such this will be simply to walk out. She up coming departs, and you can Toby looks after the woman baffled, since this contradicted exactly what the actual Spencer got considered your earlier.

After, Alex can be seen outside Hastings and you will Hastings attorney, eavesdropping for the Jenna and you can Veronica’s conversation throughout the Addison. Veronica requires “Spencer” in the event that she actually is okay, that Alex responds you to definitely this woman is good which Veronica was a stone star. Veronica claims one she actually is never called her you to prior to, however, she will bring it prior to going back again to the organization. Jenna converts in order to Alex, exactly who she believes is actually Spencer, and you may thanked the girl to possess means the new appointment right up. Alex says this was not an issue and you may she dreams they aided. Jenna asks in the event that the woman is using a special fragrance, and you can Spencer states it is horse hair – she was at the stable one day with Toby. Jenna states one to she hopes “Spencer” can persuade Toby to keep for a while, and you will Alex responds one she would like to are. Jenna thank-you the woman once again and you will Alex departs. Minutes afterwards, Jenna calls Toby and you can tells your that she will not consider Spencer was Spencer.

Aria is going to upload a keen S.O.S. to Spencer whenever Toby guides in the and you can claims to not ever would it. Then he tells brand new Liars and you will Caleb which he knows Spencer actually Spencer, since publication one to “Spencer” offered your didn’t have cards involved, and you will Spencer try usually creating notes in it. He continues on to declare that the guy believes Twins you are going to work at throughout the members of the family hence Spencer’s twin sister try Good.D. Mona, who is spying on them during the time, phone calls Alex and you may says to her that it is returning to Bundle B which Alex should tell her which this woman is.

Alex is then viewed angrily leaving a home which have Mary inside tow. Mary claims you to definitely Alex guaranteed she won’t damage Spencer, and you will Alex angrily states you to she’s so you can throw away “this new proof” and you may she isn’t going to harm the lady. She grabs a keen ax off of the area of the building and you can says you to she’ll ensure it is pain-free. Mary says when they leave now nonetheless escape, they are able to package a parent-girl stop by at Europe. Mary says that she understands exactly what it is desire to need some thing so terribly that you start to trust it’s true and you may asks Alex if the she knows. Alex answers curtly one to she cannot and the woman is sorry, just before punching Mary from the nose knocking the girl out.

Alex angrily yells zero hence she actually is not going anywhere instead of Toby and this she understands that he or she is in love with their

Meanwhile, Mona tells brand new Liars and you may Caleb where Alex was, plus they easily figure out one Alex ordered the house Toby dependent and may end up being holding Spencer there. They then hurry off to see them. For the time being, Alex is seen stalking from the hallways of the house clutching the newest ax. She thoughts to help you Spencer’s room, only to discover each other Ezra and you may Spencer enjoys fled. This woman is frustrated by which and set the fresh new ax for her neck just before walking out over locate them. Spencer and Ezra discover whatever they sensed is actually a house and you will yard is actually phony, which everything is bogus.

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