The lady final known connection with the girl parents ended up being on August 25 when she and Brian attained the Wyoming nature hold

The lady final known connection with the girl parents ended up being on August 25 when she and Brian attained the Wyoming nature hold

The couple was staying in the park at the time of her disappearance, some two months in their four-month adventure across the country in a changed van.

Gabby’s mama stated gay men dating San Diego she pleaded with Laundrie for solutions about in which her child had been but received no responds. She subsequently reported Gabby missing out on into authorities on September 11.


A couple of who had been in a Wyoming bistro days before Gabby was last seen or heard from, said they spotted Laundrie go into an explosive argument with a waitress.

Nina Celie Angelo, of the latest Orleans, mentioned she had been browsing county with her date, Matthew England, on August 27 whenever they ceased for lunch at Merry Piglets, a Tex-Mex cafe in Jackson gap between 1 and 2pm.

Speaking to Fox reports, Angelo promises she observed on in shock as an agitated Laundrie began arguing with a waiter. Petito was with him during the time, she stated.

While she stated she couldn’t discover just what words are getting exchanged between Laundrie and also the lady, she thought the spat was often on the statement or about funds.

Angelo defined Laundrie’s gestures because “aggressive” and said that the guy remaining and gone back to the eatery around fourfold, continuing the conflict.

“We have chills immediately,” Nina Celie Angelo mentioned, recounting the experience. “its insane since it wasn’t similar to we passed away them in the road — it was a full-blown experience.”

When contacted for review, a supervisor at Merry Piglets stated the eatery is amazingly active during the summer several months and they could not particularly recall the event.

However, Angelo’s boyfriend Matthew England advised Fox News he has got without doubt it absolutely was Gabby and Laundrie which they saw.

Highlighting regarding the so-called experience, the guy explained Gabby as being “visibly upset” with Laundrie as he barked at waiting associates in the bistro.

But he had been performing aggressively, England stated, with numerous team such as a waitress, hostess, and a manager – each one of who comprise lady.

England supplied Fox with a credit card declaration that confirmed a cost of $ during the Merry Piglets on August 27.


Miranda Baker, a Wisconsin-based TikTok user, said she along with her sweetheart happened to be approached by Laundrie upon , whom supplied all of them $200 for a 10-mile experience.

She continued: “thus I mentioned, ‘You are sure that, jump in,’ in which he hopped in the back of my personal Jeep, we after that proceeded to create small talk.”

It was subsequently Baker reported Laundrie shared he previously started camping without his fiance as she got “working on their social networking page right back at their particular van.”

Baker and her date wound up dropping Laundrie off on Jackson Dam after the guy “freaked out” if they pointed out title associated with neighborhood these were operating to.

“Nope, i have to move out immediately, pull over,” Baker recalled Laundrie claiming after they pointed out they were going to Jackson gap.

Baker also mentioned that Laundrie “didn’t search filthy,” including: “for an individual who had been hiking several period, like, the guy did not check dirty, he did not smell filthy. To ensure part got type of unusual.”

Gabby Petito timeline

Gabby Petito, 22, was final observed on August 24, leaving a resort in Utah. The following is a timeline of Gabby Petito’s disappearance:

The smaller bag seems to match the main one Laundrie was actually seen holding when you look at the bodycam video footage from August 12 when cops happened to be also known as to an event between your and Petito.

Within two days of that sighting, human beings keeps after recognized to fit in with Gabby were restored from great Teton nationwide Park in Wyoming.